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2020 Re-Opening Info

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Summer Re-Opening Plan

Alrighty everyone, this is a long one! Sorry for all the info but holy moly there is a lot to think through right now. As everyone knows, our situation is fluid (pun intended) and we’re hoping to have firmer dates for everyone once our region begins re-opening. Here are details on what we’re hoping to do this summer and when we may be able to begin. We’re going to have to make some significant changes in order to make things work but we’re hoping they will be temporary and we will be able to operate normally again in the future. As always, shoot us an email with questions or leave a message at the office with a good time to call you back and we can talk you through some of the details here!

Re-opening Dates

  • Whitewater Trips–6/27 
  • Curbside & Delivery Boat Rentals — 5/21
  • Wall Tent Camping– 6/27
  • Curbside Camping Gear Rentals (New!)— Shooting for 7/1

Whitewater Rafting 6/27

Updated pricing info for private groups.

There will be new safety protocols in addition to private boats. Lunches will be packed individually for each boat and each group will eat separately from the others. We will require masks on the bus rides and the number of people on each bus will have a max of 50% bus capacity. Check-in procedures will be adjusted and all gear & vehicles will be sanitized for each trip. We will not be doing dinner after the trip until regulations lift but we’re really hoping we can return to having dinner soon because we can’t get enough of Heidi’s chicken. 

We know this is a lot. We really want to be able to take you rafting this summer and we really want to get it as right as we can! Please see the Hudson River Day Trips page for specifics on all of the above.

Curbside Canoe & Kayak Rentals & Dropoff5/21

We will be offering curbside canoe & kayak rentals once Phase 1 begins in our region. We have rates for 1, 2 & 3+ days. All rentals include sanitized boats, paddles, pfds & straps. This works best for trucks & vehicles with a roof rack. 

We will also deliver boats for rentals within the greater Johnsburg area. We’re close to 13th Lake, Garnet Lake, Minerva Lake, Loon Lake & Lake Abanakee. Give us a call with other places in mind–we’re open to other spots!

We also rent tubes!

Take a look at our Canoe & Kayak Rental Page for rates & details. 

Curbside Camping Gear Rental Packages — Shooting for 7/1

We will now be offering rental packages for camping gear! We have a huge amount of camping gear that is typically used on guided trips but we’re making it available to rent for private use. All gear will be sanitized and we will offer different package types. We’ve got you covered if you just need tents & tables or we can outfit an entire camping trip from the ground up including a food shop & pack. We’ve gotten pretty good at this camping thing over the years and we’ve got the gear to hook you up for your trips to the ADKs. Our gear is better suited to boat & car camping than backpacking–we like our creature comforts. Check back soon for rates and info.

Wall Tent Camping — 6/6 at the earliest

Our wall tents were a hit last year and they are back in action again this year. Tents can be rented for up to 4 people for $89. They’re fully furnished and have clean, sanitized bedding. Take a look here for pictures and more info. 

Private Canoe & Kayaking Trips — 6/27 

We will again be offering guided flatwater canoe & kayak trips this summer. All trips will be private and can be customized for length. We’re offering half and multi-day flatwater trips this summer. Click here for pricing and more info. For boat rentals to take on your own self-guided adventure click here.  


We get that plans can change quickly right now. We’re not going to require deposits until trips are one week away from departure. You can book trips outside that one week window with no money down. Once we’re one week away we will require a non-refundable payment in full. We’ve shortened our non-refundable window from two weeks to one. We still have to keep a non-refundable window for the same reason we’ve always had to–our guides are awesome and we need to be considerate of their time. That means not calling them off or changing their schedules on short notice & paying them even if they come to work and their crew is a no-show. 

Our online reservation system requires at least a $1 transaction to reserve and will charge a 6% fee on the total cost of the trip. That 6% can be refunded if canceled more than one week out. We can also work around the online reservation system and book trips directly over the phone and avoid the fees. 


That’s a lot of information. We’re hopeful that even though things won’t be returning to normal soon we can have some fun in our current version of normal. This is going to require a lot of cooperation and patience, but we’re not too worried because we know we have some of the best customers out there. We’ve sincerely appreciated the calls, emails & cards we’ve gotten from many of you during this time and we’re really hoping to get you all out on an adventure soon. Until then…

All Forward, 

Pete, Bone & Cassandra



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