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Meet Our Adirondack Guides & Staff

Guided trips in the Adirondacks require one major, rock-solid participant: the Guide!

Here’s the lowdown on our elite force of quality outdoor guides.

Scroll to the bottom for current job listings.

Pete Burns

The man, the myth, the legend! Pete grew up along the Hudson River, and he’s managed to work on it for over thirty years, thus avoiding the pitfalls of a real job. When he’s not running BBO you can find Pete perfecting his golf game, flying small planes & playing the dobro in the widely known “dad band” Kringewurthy. Yes that’s the real name.

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No last name needed. Bone is co-owner of Beaver Brook and is the General Manager at Gore Mountain. Make sure to contact him directly with any and all questions regarding winter, skiing and how the heck chairlifts stay in the air. Along with being an exceptional outdoorsman and guide, Bone plays a mean guitar and is one half of the world renowned duo BoneDoctor, #BoneDoctorworlddominationtour He is also one heck of a story teller. Ask him about the time he played harmonica at the opening ceremony of the 1980 Olympics.

Diana Burns

Hey you don’t think Pete could have done this on his own? Diana’s day job is rehabbing the knees, hips, and joints of the North Country which means she’s pretty handy to have around. The rest of her time she spends running rivers, skiing and gardening at the Beav.

Autumn guide photo


Bone’s wife, high school librarian, part time whitewater guide, full time adventurer. Autumn is a heck of a whitewater guide and a whole lot of fun. She stopped reading and rafting after this photo was taken. Turns out books are hard to laminate.


Cassandra is daughter number one in the Burns family.  She currently manages BBO alongside Pete and they try to finish the father daughter bickering before anyone else gets to the office. Cassandra has over a decade of guiding under her belt and while she loves guiding, she doesn’t really like getting wet. Quite a conundrum.


Jess Hayle

Hayle Yes! When the phone rings you can count on Jess. Our go-to gal for answering any and all of your rafting questions. And the answer is YES you will get wet. When she isn’t at The Beav you can find Jess slinging drinks at Garnet Hill Lodge or playing in the woods with a bike and a beagle named Jed.



Marnie is a Peace Corps vet, Special Ed teacher and a longtime Hudson guide. She has a long list of badass credits to her name, but is too humble to brag about them. At the Beave, she keeps us laughing, makes sure our lunches are in order, gives a darn good safety talk, churns out happy customers and pumps everyone up for Dress Up Day on the river. Marnie loves a good Dress Up Day, and if you’re lucky enough to be in her boat that day, you will too.


Whitewater rafting in NY


Cole went west for snowier pastures this past winter. If you’re headed to Montana to raft or ski, keep an eye out for this guy. Don’t forget about us Cole! We heard he saw something shiny in the water while this picture was being taken.

Buzz Saw

We truly don’t know how he got his name, but Buzz is always dressed for success. Buzz has been guiding the Hudson for as long as we can remember and is one of our most requested whitewater guides. Buzz is also the inventor of the Ocho-Opener, (patent pending). The Ocho 4.0 is at the Beave right now, come give it a test run. Buzz is quick to smile and his guests always have a great time. Just don’t look the dragon in the eye.

Pete Hunkins

Pete is our resident fishing guru and has been with Beaver Brook since the beginning. He spends his winters in Lake Placid heading up Mt VanHovenberg’s Cross Country snow center and he comes back this way in the summers to guide. Pete guides and teaches fly fishing and often works in the office as well. If you’re booking a fishing trip, put in a request for Pete, he knows where the fish are and how to snag ’em.


Emily is Burns daughter number 2. Her day job is with an immigration non-profit where she specializes in languages. At the Beave she works guiding the Hudson, caving & canoe trips. Emily is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and can yell paddle commands at you in whatever language you choose!


Sam is Burns daughter number 2.5 and twin sister to Emily. You can find her all over the Beaver Brook empire renting boats, guiding boats and scurrying in and out of caves. She spends the rest of the year coming up with one-liners and working as an editor for an education company.

John Morgan

John runs our Sacandaga operation during the summer and coaches ski racing in the winter. John skied over 100 days last winter and chances are good he will ski over 100 days every winter he can still bend over to put on ski boots.


Paul is a full time professor at Siena College and prefers to spend his free time outdoors. He’s a ski instructor at Gore in the winter and enjoys rafting, hiking and fishing in the summer. A long-time customer, Paul made the excellent decision to take the guide stick into his own hands.



Frank is a man of many talents–during the summer he guides whitewater, during the school year he teaches Science, during the fall he guides hunting, and he flies planes all year round. Frank’s a regular Renaissance man.

Jim Swedburg

Jim was our full time photographer on The Hudson and recently retired with well over 1000 trips down the gorge. We don’t know how he manages to take as many photos of each boat as he does, he must use the same sort of voodoo magic he uses to play the banjo so well and to stay so good lookin’.



You may know Chef Heidi by her alter ego: The Adirondack Pickle Lady. She not only cooks all the delicious food for our rafting trips she is also the head chef at Basil & Wicks, and she also pickles all sorts of veggies. They are so good that the samples seem to mysteriously disappear from the staff fridge on a regular basis. She does an incredible job here at BBO and…she can pickle that!


After 20 seasons on The Hudson, Jen took her infectious fun-loving attitude to Utah to guide whitewater trips for OARS. We will miss Jen around here but look forward to getting our fix of glitter and fairy dust when she comes back to visit.


Adirondack Guides Liam & Patrick

The Brothers Harrison

With a combined height of appx 16 feet and an extremely high center of gravity, we’re not sure how Liam and Patrick manage to stay in their boats. Liam and Patrick are second generation Hudson River guides and pretty darn good ones at that. When they aren’t guiding rafts you can find Patrick working as a forester and Liam working as a mechanical engineer. They are an entertaining pair–if you hear two eerily similar booming chuckles don’t be alarmed, it’s just the Brothers Harrison.


Dave left a job in corporate America behind and moved north to live the rural dream up here with us. Looks like he’s adjusting well although he may want to not use this as a LinkedIn photo in the future. Dave guides Hudson River Gorge trips for us regularly and works full time as the head honcho at Live More Adventures. If you’re looking for someone who can guide your boat while giving corporate consulting advice in a coconut bra, Dave’s your man.


Pat likes rafting and Pat likes Phish. Sometimes Pat takes other people who like Phish rafting. Pat is also an excellent guide and a very nice human being. He works during the school year as a history teacher. If you need to brush up on US History or forgot the lyrics to Sample in a Jar, Pat’s your guy.


Eric is a longtime whitewater guide and kayaker. Eric spends the school year working as a speech language pathologist and works summers guiding on the Hudson and Colorado’s Arkansas River. He’s one of the most experienced guides you’ll find on any river across the country but he’s still a big ol’ sloppy fish.


Our favorite Vermonter Debbie wanders to the best side of Lake Champlain to guide the Hudson on the weekends. Debbie has been guiding since 2004 and even more impressive, she has managed keep those balloons inflated since then. When Debbie isn’t guiding you can catch her in her kayak or doing all the outdoorsy things.


Yes, Brendan is tall. Brendan is also lots of other things! Here are some of the other things Brendan is good at besides being tall: guiding boats, picking things up and putting them down, drinking capri sun, playing rugby, digging holes and telling half true guide stories. Also reaching things on the top shelf. He is tall, after all.


We’re fairly sure Andrew has more fun than pretty much anyone else on the river. If you end up in his boat you will definitely be giggling with him within 5 minutes. Andrew guides Hudson and overnight trips here at the Beav and we hear he can start a campfire McGuyver style with whatever you hand him. In the off season he teaches snowboarding and should look into teaching laugh yoga classes because he could make a killing.

Want to get in on the fun?

Here’s the current job openings at “The Beave”

Fishing guides:
Part time. Must have previous fishing guide experience and a thorough knowledge of spin & fly fishing. Must be 18 years old and have a NYS guide’s license or be willing to get licensed.

Sacandaga River:
We have a couple of openings for “The Sac”.  Must be 18 years old

Canoe and Kayak Center:
We will have a couple of openings here for the summer. Must be 18 years old with a clean drivers license.

Hudson Gorge:
Even though we have a very experienced crew, if the right person walks through the door we are always willing to train them. Give us a shout for details

Call Us for Additional Details: 1-888-454-8433
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