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FAQ's About Guided Trips in the Adirondacks

Where are you located?

Generally speaking, in the south central Adirondacks. More specifically, North Creek. Please make sure you consult our locations page so you end up at the right spot!

Where should I stay?

There are lots of different options for lodging in the area ranging from chain hotels to bed and breakfasts to houses for rent. Check out the lodging part of our Local Friends page for more info!

Where the heck are the Adirondacks?

The Adirondacks are a 6,000,000 acre park located in upstate New York. If you look at a map of New York, pretty much the whole Northeastern part is within the park lines. The ADKS are about 4 hours from New York City and Boston and 1.5 hours from Albany.

Do I need a reservation?

Depends on the trip.

Hudson River Rafting – Yes

Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing and other Guided Trips- Yes

Equipment rentals- No but it is recommended during weekends and holiday periods

Group rates require reservations

Is lunch included in the rafting trip?

Lunch is always included in Hudson River Gorge whitewater trips.

What is lunch?

Lunch is pretty basic, we stop riverside for a quick bite that we pack in coolers and bring along. It is typically curried chicken salad wraps, trail mix, iced tea and water. We can make accommodations for vegetarians and those with other dietary restrictions.

I am a vegan, gluten free, allergic to nuts and hate fish. Will there be something I can eat?

Yes! We can accommodate food restrictions with prior notice. It is much harder for us to pull together food for special diets without prior notice. PLEASE let us know ahead of time so we can make sure to accommodate you.

Is the gear I need covered in the cost?

Yes. Everything you need is included in the cost, no matter the time of year. The only exception to this is sleeping bags on overnight trips. We think it’s important that everyone is always as comfortable and prepared as possible, which is why we’re committed to never charging extra for any piece of gear, including wetsuits and booties.

Do you wash your gear?

Yup, every time. All whitewater gear (pfds, wetsuits and booties) are washed in a solution that is made especially to clean & disinfect neoprene. Helmets are cleaned with a soap & disinfectant.

What should I wear?

It depends on which trip you do and what time of year you come. All summer adventures are usually good with a bathing suit, water shorts, and a t-shirt. It’s never a bad idea to bring an extra layer, though. For spring rafting: wool, poly pro, under armour or something similar (NO COTTON!) will do the trick. All our trip confirmations come with detailed lists on what to wear. For all trips involving water we recommend water shoes or sandals that will stay on. Many a flip flop have been lost over the years. In all cases you should bring a change of clothes for afterwards.

Can I drink alcohol on my trip?

None of our day trips allow alcohol or marijuana. Our insurance policy requires that all guests are sober. We do not allow alcohol to be brought on any of our day trips and will ask you to leave it behind. Same goes for marijuana now that it’s legal. This is not negotiable, if you are intoxicated prior to a trip we will not allow you to go on it and you will not be refunded. Being under the influence puts you and everyone else on the trip at risk.

After the trip, by all means, feel free to crack a beer. We will probably join you!

How do guides get licensed?

Guides go through a process required by the State of New York that involves on river training, a water safety course, first aid & cpr, a test, and an outfitter recommendation. We’re picky about who we hire because we think it’s important to have the best. All guides hired by Beaver Brook have passed the NYS licensing standards for basic guiding as well as their specific skill (rafting, fishing, camping, etc.) and are held to high standards.

How much should I tip the guides?

Guides never expect a tip, but always welcome them. Tips of any amount are always appreciated, but a good rule of thumb is $5 per person in the boat for a good tip, $10+ per person for a great tip.

Can beginners go rafting?


What are the age limits?

Age restrictions on the Hudson vary depending on the time of year. Summer rafting is good for ages 8+. Call for spring & fall age restrictions. Our other trips are dictated by weight rather than age, because we need kids to fit correctly in one of our pfds.

Are there weight limits?

The minimum weight for canoeing & kayaking is 30 lbs. Minimum weight for rafting and tubing is 50 lbs. We do not have a maximum weight limit for other guided trips but we do require guests to wear our pfds. They are one size fits all with a max chest circumference of 58″, if you have any questions or concerns on this give us a call.

Can I bring sunscreen, water and medications?

Yes and yes!

Can I bring my phone or camera?

At your own risk. Since so many of our activities involve water, we don’t recommend it.

Are there pictures for sale on rafting trips?

Yes! There is a full-time photographer on the whitewater trips. They post up right next to the biggest rapids to get the best action shots. Photos can be purchased directly from the photographer.

Do people fall out of the rafts?

People do. Guides too, sometimes. However, it’s not frequent and all guests are given a safety briefing before going on the river so that they know exactly what to do should they find themselves an unintentional member of the Beaver Brook Swim Team.

What days of the week can I raft?

The Hudson runs Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Why do we need a dam release?

The Hudson River is truly in the wilderness. In order to access the Hudson we raft 3 miles on the Indian River. The Indian turns from a non-raftable trickle of water to a nearly constant 3 miles of Class III whitewater with the dam release. Long story short, we need the dam release to get to the Hudson. The dam is restricted to opening four days a week in order to maintain reservoir water levels.

How many people can fit in a boat?

On the Hudson River we typically put 6-8 people in a raft plus the guide.

Can you accommodate large groups?

With advance notice, we can take groups of up to 100 on the Hudson. Give us a call for numbers for other guided trips.

Is the Hudson actually clean?

Yes.  Unfortunately the Hudson gets a bad rap for being polluted but all parts of the Hudson that we operate on are pristine. In our neck of the woods, it is clean and beautiful.

Do I really have to wear a pfd?

Yes. It is required in our insurance policy. Everyone (including guides) must wear one regardless of age or swimming ability. If Michael Phelps came boating we would still make him wear a pfd.

Will we see any wildlife?

Maybe! There are a lot of critters in the Adirondacks and in the past we have seen deer, bears, moose, otters, beavers, eagles, loons, osprey, mink, porcupines, skunks…the list goes on!

Do you take credit cards?

Yup! All of them. Sometimes we even give them back.

How deep is the water?

Chest high to a duck…. or chin high to a beaver.

From a Satisfied Adventurer

This was the best day of our vacation! Booked on spur of the moment, we were so happy we did! Patrick did a great job as our guide. We had so much fun and can’t wait to try the next level next time! You can tell the entire staff loves their jobs, they were all so nice, happy and loved joking around! Makes you want to go nowhere else! We will definitely be back!

– Christine M, Facebook

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