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Hey Everyone,

These are some strange times we’re in right now. We want to keep you posted on where we are at the moment and looking ahead to the summer. 

The Ski Shop– Well, we are closed for the season. For folks that have seasonal rentals, we have a few options. We will be in and out of the Old Church buttoning things up for summer until Sunday 3/29. Feel free to drop them off there before that date. There are instructions on the front door where to leave them. You can keep them until next fall when we open back up again, which is typically mid November. You’re also welcome to hang on to gear and return it at our rafting base over the summer which brings us to…

Rafting & Summer Operations– We have canceled all trips for April. We are hoping to start running trips in May. We will make that decision in the next few weeks and post it here. If trips end up needing to be canceled by us or you due to COVID-19, we will offer a full refund and waive cancellation fees. If you want to hang onto your reservation, ride this out and reschedule for a date later on, we can do that! If you already have a trip booked with us give us a call or email and we will go over options. Since so much is uncertain, we will waive the deposit requirement when booking trips until we know what our schedule will look like.

Group Organizers– For our customers who run camps, colleges & school groups–we know that your summer is as uncertain as ours right now. Many of you have scheduled trips already, please know that you can keep your dates booked until you are able to make decisions for the summer and we won’t penalize or charge anyone if trips end up needing to be canceled. For those who haven’t booked yet and are wondering what the heck to do– give us a call or email and we can work something flexible out. 

What is on our minds– Cleaning! We always clean rafting gear and will add an anti-viral cleaning agent to our current anti-microbial routine. Our fully-licensed commercial kitchen is inspected by the Dept. of Health annually and is always kept clean & disinfected (thanks Heidi, Marnie, Jess & Pete H). We will be even more vigilant about it going forward. Buses, tables, changing rooms and other shared spaces will be disinfected prior to & following every trip. 

We check emails and phone messages every day– PLEASE feel free to give us a call or email so we can work out solutions for everyone. We’re all going to need to have a little fun when this has passed.

All Forward, 

Pete, Bone & Cassandra


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